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Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Storyteller's Ears

July 27, 2007 - It was my last day of work in Virginia before I would start my three week road trip to my new home in Colorado. The world was a spinning vortex of rainbows and butterflies, including a few in my stomach for a Jersey Boy who became the lost love of my life. But no technicolor landscapes or sparkling stars in my eyes could tell me otherwise; Colorado was my land of opportunity, and I was ready. But what made me ready, you may ask?
Late night six packs and soul-bearing talks with touch-and-go friends. Third party phone calls which ended with "have a nice life". Study breaks with Starbucks, but all I was learning was how to listen and rationalize through someone else's drama. Never once would I manifest my observations into fiction so they could have a life of their own, and finally vacate my cluttered psyche.
After years of being the ears of a Storyteller, I have finally found my voice.
January 23, 2008 - My footsteps led me away from my Contemplative Psychology Bachelors degree and squarely onto the self-financed first semester at Colorado Film School. This will be the day my voice will call its "Independence Day", though, ironically, I said little to nothing at all.
It is the power of the Storyteller's ears that make possible the talented tales he utters.
I listened to my guides, and they brought me here. I listened to my instincts and my wisdom, and they led me here. I even listened to my muses, my beloveds, and even my shame, and they all could not keep me from here. Because without taking the time to listen, and listen I did, my writing has no soul. And while I cannot say that my soul does not still ache, and sometimes even falter, I attest that I will endeavor to remember to listen before I speak, to observe before I act, and research before I write.

I'd like to ask you, my dear reader - what's your story? The one you've been harboring in your soul, collecting data on, but have not yet had your voice freed to tell the tale.

May all our stories find eager ears.