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Monday, July 18, 2011

Out of My Mind, but Still in My Skin

It's amazing to think back when I was in high school, not getting more than six hours of sleep a night, averaging four hours of sleep most times. Now I'm thirty with a thyroid condition I am stubbornly juggling with nothing but irratic nutrition and sporatic exercise, and I'm lucky to wake up after nine hours of sleep. Karma is kicking my butt.
Similarly, I used to be considered the "Human Garbage Disposal", eating anything and just about everything in front of my face. But I justified it because I was working out so very much in those days; martial arts three days a week, anywhere from one to three hours at a time, marching band during the fall, and P.E. every other day. It makes me tired just thinking about it.
Perhaps there is a season for everything, and I sincerely hope this season of lethargy and hermitish energy is coming to an end, and swiftly. I miss the sunshine, which is ridiculous because Colorado gets more sunshine than the "Sunshine State". I miss walking and talking and enjoying the movement of my body. And as much as I can justify not doing these things because so much rides on my completion of school and finding a job and making choices that will shape the rest of my adult life, I continue to put it off because I have not yet realized, to the core, that improving my health will also shape the rest of my adult life.
Time to wake up.